Here I go…

This is my little introduction into my blog.

Today I have decided I am going to start writing a blog. I have thought about it for a while, but I never known how to kick start it. Being someone that suffers from dyslexia my thoughts don’t always come out on paper to well, so each blog may take some time! 

So I am going to start by telling you a bit about myself.

I’m 25 married and own 2 little dogs. My husband and I recently moved to Chichester for his job, and I must say it’s been the best moved we have made! I suffer from depression, but I try my hardest to get through everyday with a smile and a good outlook on what is happening, even on the bad days. 

In my blogs I hope to show people that no matter how far we have fallen into our own personal black holes, there is always a light to get us through. For me that’s my family, and small handful of friends! As well as little hobbies and activities I do, which make me see that something good can always be there!

I will share some of the activities I do to help me get through my bad days, and that boost my good days. New routines I am trying to add into my life, like exercising more, and having a healthy diet.